Wangdi Phodrang

Wangdiphodrang is a seperate district but only 21 kilometers away from Punakha, this is why we always include the sightseeing to Wangdiphodrang Dzong along with the sightseeings in Punakha. Wangdiphodrang dzong was build in the year 1638 by Zhabdrung, one year after the Punakha Dzong.

Gangtey Valley :

Gangtey Valley is at the elevation of 2900m. This valley is a home for a extent Blacknecked Crane from April-November every year. is otherwise called Phobjikha Valley. The vegetation in this area is almost all bamboo bush. Poeple here depends on Buckwheat and Potatoes. This valley is very lucky with the Black Necked Crane flying from Norten Tibet to this valley during winter. It is said that this beautiful birds always make round of the Gangtey Monastery before leaving back to Tibet. Some BHutanese beleive that this bird are the emanation of god of Compassion!!! Every year the people here celebrates the crane festival in the November month.

Gangtey Monastery :

Built in the year 1613. This monastery is also the only Nyingma institute in the west of Bhutan.Nyingma is a section of Buddhisim among the four section. We have Drukpa Kagud, the state religion of the country, Gelug sect, Shageyapa sect, and Nyingmapa sect. Among the four sect of Buddhisim we in BHutan practice Nyingmapa sect and the Drukpa Kagud sect.

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