Punakha valley is at 1300m, it used to be the capital of Bhutan till 1961.The Land here is very fertile, the farmers grows rice twice in the year This Dzong/fortress is one of my favourite among the rest of the fortesses in my country, to me it look like a beautiful gaint ship just in middle of two rivers, the male river and the female river. This fortress was build in the year 1637 by Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel ( a saint who unified Bhutan). The real name for this fortress is Pungthang Dechen Phodrang, the palace of Great Happiness) . This Dzong was damaged by fire and earthquake several time but always been renovated.





Chimmi Lhakhang/temple :

This temple is popularly known as the fertility temple, which was build by the very famouse and everyone’s favourite lama/saint from Tibet called Drukpa Kuenley or a Divine Mad monk. BHutanese come to this temple specially to make offering and get blessing if they are not fertile enough to have babies. You will get the blessing of the wooden penis, bow and arrow which belong to Lama Drukpa Kuenley The term Chimmi means NO DOG, as it was beleived that there used to be a demon in the form of dog who troubled the local people living near by village. Lama Drukpa Kuenly subdued the dog demon and build the temple on top of her, thus the temple is called Chimmi Lhakhang.


Khamsum Yuelly Namgyel:

It is one of the very unique and beautiful stupa, I say unique as most of the stupa in Bhutan is just the structure, which means we can’t go inside. But Khamsum Yuelly Namgyel is a stupa where we can actually go inside! Not only inside but one can climb till the top of the stupa to enjoy the beautiful views of the paddy fields down below. It took 8 years to build this Khamsu Yuelly Namgyel stupa, which mean it is really beautifuly made with lots of work.

Khamsum Yulley


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