Thimphu is made the capital of Bhutan in the year 1961. The most populated places in the country is Thimphu, Bhutanese come to this busy town for the job opportunities, to start a business and extra. All the government’s main office is located in Thimphu, including the Ministries offices and the Secretaries. Thimphu is the only capital city where you can’t see the traffic lights, instead you will see the traffic police man gesturing with his hands with the broad smile on his face.

Painting School

In this institute students undergo six years of training specialization them-self in their respected field. The students here has a options of learning 13 different kind of arts and crafts.







National Library

In this Library, one could find many collections of old texts written in Dzongkha(national) and in Tibetan. Next to this building, you can also visit the library with the collection of books written in English.


Memorial Stupa

This stupa is built in the memory of our third king of Bhutan, who is also known as the father of modernization, as our third king modernized our country with all the roads, hospitals, school and many more. Our third king always wanted to build a stupa for the world peace. But before he could react a stupa he passed away in Kenya. So later after his death, the royal families and the government build the present stupa in his memory, thus called the Memorial Stupa. You will come across many elderly Bhutanese during this visit. They come here in the morning and stay there till the evening going around the stupa making prayers for the well being of all the sentient beings



This building used to be owned by a rich farmer then. But now it is turned into a museum so that people can have a clear idea how Bhutanese lived in the olden days. And if you ever visit some remote villages one can still see this kind of living still.


Traditional Medicine Hospital

We have two hospitals, one with the western medicine, and one is this traditional medicine hospital. In this hospital we don;t have wards but we do get very good medicine which Bhutanese believes don’t have side effect though it is a slow process. They provides different kinds of treatments here, like blood letting, herbal bath, cupping, golden needle acupuncture and steaming treatment.



This museum display very beautiful textiles used by Bhutanese living in different corners of the country. Though Bhutanese, nomadic people has their own different custom and culture. And also the custom differ from those Bhutanese living in the central part. But the National custom is GHO for Men and Kira for Women.


This Zoo has only our National Animal, which is called Takin and now we do have few deer. We keep this National Animal in this zoo only to preserve them as they are now in extent in the world. It is said that people used to kill this animal as their flash can be used to make a very good medicine for all diseases!!! We also believe that if women eat a small scratch of the Takin’s horn when the women have labour pain during delivery, the pain will be gone!!!


Town temple is always a busy temple with the local people’s visit. This temple plays a very important role in Thimphu. Whenever there is new born baby around in Thimphu, the parents bring their child to this temple to get their name. As in Bhutan we don’t inherit the family name or the husband’s name. Instead we get the name form the learned monks or the reincarnated saints.

If you are in Thimphu for one more day, you can hike up to Cheri Monastery and Tango Monastery which are located north of Thimphu.

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