Its a small but very beautiful valley with approximately 40,000 people living in it. Paro valley houses the only Airport in the country. Paro is also a home to some of the most sacred temples and the famous Tiger’s Nest Monastery is also in Paro. The town of Paro is established in the year 1985.


 Paro Kuchu Lha

Kyichu     Lhakhang/Temple

Kyichu Lhakhang/Temple, this temple is the most oldest temple in the country, it was built by the first tibetan buddhist king called Songtshen Goenpo in the year 659 A.D. The legend says that he built 108 temples in a day to pin down the demon who was laying down in the himalayas, not letting the Bhuddhism spread in these areas. As such it is said that this tibetan king built 108 temples on all over the body of the demon. Kyichu Lhakhang falls on the left foot of the demon.Among the 108 temples he built, two of them are in Bhutan, one is Kyichu Lhakhang in Paro and the other one is Jamba Lhakhang in Bumthang (central part of Bhutan)


Paro Museum

National Museum/Ta Dzong

National Museum/Ta Dzong is located above the Paro dzong/fortress as Ta Dzong used to be a watch tower for safe guarding the Paro Dzong below. The name “Ta” itself means to “see” . It was made into a National Museum only in the year 1968.
This building is built in the shape of a conch shell with six galleries with each having diffirent kinds of old collection of statues, and more interesting is the collection of so many unique stamps on the top gallary. From the National Museum one can have a great picture of the Paro town and the fortress with the beautiful wooden bridge





Paro Dzong/Paro Rinchen Pung Dzong

Paro Dzong/Paro Rinchen Pung Dzong. “Rinchen” is otherwise called Jewels and “Pung” means to collect or to heap. So Rinchen Pung is a heap of jewels’. This fortress was build by Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel on the foundation of the small temple which is beleived to built by Guru Rinpoche. The Dzong in Bhutan always house two things : Administration offices and the monk body. Half part of the Dzong is for administration and the other for the monks.


Drukyel Dzong



Drukyel Dzong

Drukyel Dzong was built in 1649,its a ruined fortress now after it was damage by the fire from the butter lamps in 1951. But this fortress played a very important role against the tibetan invaders in the year 1648. It was said that this fortress was named Drukgyel Dzong only after the victory over the tibetan invaders. DRUK’- bhutan and GYEL ‘- victory, so DRuKGYEL dzong is a fortress named celebrating the victory over the Tibetans



Taktsang Monastery

Taktsang Monastery,which means Tiger’s Nest, is located 900m away from the road and it stands 3100m above the sea level.The story goes back to the 8th century when Guru Rinpoche(saint who introduced buddhism in Bhutan) flew on the back of the Tigress from the eastern side of Bhutan to meditate here for three months. Tigress he rode on is beleived to be one of his spritual wife among the two of them. The Nest where the tigress stayed can still be seen today, as such the local people named this sacred place after seeing the tiger’s nest there.



Paro Town






Town Walk

It is a nice walk through the down town of Paro where you will come accross a post office, Banks and lots of Bhutanese handicrafted shops. It won’t take you more than 15 minutes to go around. You can also visit two of the temples which are located in the heart of the main town. This small town is considered the best town among the rest of the town in the country!!! All the buildings are built in the Bhutanese styel with the very beautiful paintings on the houses, one can also see the chillies hung from the windows of the houses for drying.

Paro Town 1

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